Under my leadership, one nonprofit’s donor newsletter increased revenues by nearly 600%. Let me help you achieve those kinds of results! I offer a variety of marketing, communications and storytelling services for nonprofits, ministries, entrepreneurs and businesses. 

Integrated Communications – I create stories that can be shared through multiple channels to increase awareness of your work: media, websites, social media, blogs, newsletters, marketing materials and more.

Story Gathering – Your most powerful stories convey how you made a difference. I establish an atmosphere of trust during interviews so people feel honored to share the impact you had on their lives.

Storytelling – It’s more than great content. It’s understanding your audiences. I can help you craft stories that speak to them and target the best places to share.

Writing – You need content that people will notice. My writing gets to the point and gets to the heart.

Editing – My attention to detail, best practices and excellent grammar will help you put your best face forward.

Consulting & Training – Ready to increase engagement and ROI? I’ll equip your team to take things to an entirely new level.

Visual Content Resources – I can connect you with some of Atlanta’s most talented photographers, videographers and graphic designers.

Family Histories – What legacy will we leave? As I continue my journey to document my own family legacies, I am helping other families gather and share theirs.

Work Samples:

Food Well Alliance: In my contract role as a communications coordinator, I have managed several media opportunities, including WSB TV and Atlanta Interfaith Broadcast Network features. I’ve also authored several blogs, including Whole Foods… to Support Urban GrowersFacilitating Collaboration and Celebrating the Soil Beneath our Feet.

Atlanta Community Food Bank: In my role as senior communications manager, I served as editor for the Food Bank’s Foodsharing donor newsletter. Under my leadership, the newsletter relaunched in spring 2016. Since then, revenues increased by nearly 600% and exceeded $1 million last fiscal year! See samples of my writing in Foodsharing archival issues through fall 2018.

Find me on LinkedIn to learn more about my areas of expertise.


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