Under my leadership, one nonprofit’s donor newsletter increased revenues by nearly 600%. Let me help you achieve those kinds of results! I offer a variety of marketing, communications and storytelling services for nonprofits, ministries, entrepreneurs and businesses. 

Integrated Communications – I create stories that can be shared through multiple channels to increase awareness of your work: media, websites, social media, blogs, newsletters, marketing materials and more.

Story Gathering – Your most powerful stories convey how you made a difference. I establish an atmosphere of trust during interviews so people feel honored to share the impact you had on their lives.

Storytelling – It’s more than great content. It’s understanding your audiences. I can help you craft stories that speak to them and target the best places to share.

Writing – You need content that people will notice. My writing gets to the point and gets to the heart.

Editing – My attention to detail, best practices and excellent grammar will help you put your best face forward.

Consulting & Training – Ready to increase engagement and ROI? I’ll equip your team to take things to an entirely new level.

Visual Content Resources – I can connect you with some of Atlanta’s most talented photographers, videographers and graphic designers.

Family Histories – What legacy will we leave? As I continue my journey to document my own family legacies, I am helping other families gather and share theirs.

Work Samples:

Food Well Alliance: In my contract role as a PR and communications strategist, I have managed several media opportunities, including WSB TV and Atlanta Interfaith Broadcast Network features. I have written, edited and provided content for a variety of traditional and digital publications. Recent samples include Whole Foods Makes a Difference, Soil Festival 2019 and What Does Food Insecurity Look Like in Atlanta? in collaboration with Southface Institute.

My Story: In addition to co-leading the pilot season of the My Story project in 2019, I also provided the written content for the website.

Atlanta Community Food Bank: In my role as senior communications manager, I served as editor for the Food Bank’s Foodsharing donor newsletter. Under my leadership, the newsletter relaunched in spring 2016. Since then, revenues increased by nearly 600% and exceeded $1 million last fiscal year! See samples of my writing in Foodsharing archival issues through fall 2018.

Find me on LinkedIn to learn more about my areas of expertise.


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